Lee D Weiss Works with a Popular Drug Rehabilitation Center

Lee D Weiss works with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center named Elev8 Centers. Elev8 Centers has a three year plan to open four facilities in Massachussets and New York. They understand that drugs have direct impact on physical, mental and spiritual lives, and provide comprehensive services to patients to reduce their desire for addictive outlets and develop skills to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Today, there are millions of people addicted to various types of drugs and alcohol. With excessive use of drugs, people lose control on their body and mind, and feel the need to use the substances even though they know that they are not good for health. Thus, it is necessary to visit drug rehabilitation center to quit these addictions. Lee Weiss has been working with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation space for many years, and has provided drug rehab treatment to a wide range of people.

Elev8 Centers organizes a wide range of programs designed to improve activity level, build self respect and confidence of the clients. They provide proper education and counseling related to addiction. Lee D Weiss is presently working as the CEO of the Elev8 Centers.

Lee Weiss of Boston also has experience as an investment banker. He works as a Senior Consultant at Blackmere Partners. Prior to working with this company, he managed business units for Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Investments.

Lee is passionate about various recreational activities such as traveling, scuba diving, photography, biking, skiing, and hiking. In free time, he likes going out with his friends, and enjoys his favorite outdoor activities and explores new places.


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