Lee D Weiss Works with a Popular Drug Rehabilitation Center

Lee D Weiss works with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center named Elev8 Centers. Elev8 Centers has a three year plan to open four facilities in Massachussets and New York. They understand that drugs have direct impact on physical, mental and spiritual lives, and provide comprehensive services to patients to reduce their desire for addictive outlets and develop skills to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Today, there are millions of people addicted to various types of drugs and alcohol. With excessive use of drugs, people lose control on their body and mind, and feel the need to use the substances even though they know that they are not good for health. Thus, it is necessary to visit drug rehabilitation center to quit these addictions. Lee Weiss has been working with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation space for many years, and has provided drug rehab treatment to a wide range of people.

Elev8 Centers organizes a wide range of programs designed to improve activity level, build self respect and confidence of the clients. They provide proper education and counseling related to addiction. Lee D Weiss is presently working as the CEO of the Elev8 Centers.

Lee Weiss of Boston also has experience as an investment banker. He works as a Senior Consultant at Blackmere Partners. Prior to working with this company, he managed business units for Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Investments.

Lee is passionate about various recreational activities such as traveling, scuba diving, photography, biking, skiing, and hiking. In free time, he likes going out with his friends, and enjoys his favorite outdoor activities and explores new places.


Lee Weiss of Boston has Worked for Several Financial Services Companies

Lee D Weiss is a Boston-based professional who has a lot of experience in the financial services area. He has worked for many companies, and is presently serving as a Senior Consultant at Blackmere Partners. The company provides comprehensive guidance on developing business strategies that are helpful in increasing profitability and expanding business roots. They serve global corporations, family businesses, and private corporations of different sizes and types.

Blackmere Partners, Inc. has highly-experienced senior executives and entrepreneurs. Their staff has worked with a wide range of corporations belonging to different industries. They comprehensively understand what it takes to improve business profits, and become established as leading players in their respective industries. They take good care of their clients’ needs, and design business strategies accordingly.

Prior to joining Blackmere Partners, Lee Weiss of Massachusetts has worked for many other companies. He worked for the GE Financial Management program from 1991-1992. He also served many positions at Merrill Lynch. He handled many duties and responsibilities, and helped the company list itself among the top players of the industry. At Fidelity Investments, he worked as the President of their family office business.

Besides a working professional, Lee D Weiss of Boston is also a benevolent person, and participates in various humanitarian activities. He is an active member of the Jewish Community, and supports The Foundation for Jewish Camp, UJA Federation, Chai Lifeline, University of Maryland Hillel, Magen Adom, Friends of the IDF, and several Chabad centers around the world. He is also a supporter of Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the American Heart Association. He participated in the Pan Mass Challenge nine times. It is a two-day, 186 mile bike riding competition, which is aimed at raising money for Dana Farber and Cancer Research.

Lee Weiss of Massachusetts is a Highly-Experienced Business Development Professional

Lee Weiss has a great deal of experience as a business development professional. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and then executive educational courses at Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, MA. Since the year he completed his studies, he has worked for various reputed corporations, and has earned comprehensive experience in different areas of business development. Currently, he works for Blackmere Partners and serves as a Senior Consultant. At this company, he leads an effort to invest and manage a group of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers.

Blackmere Partners has a team of highly-skilled entrepreneurs and business development professionals, and Lee Weiss is a part of it. The team is dedicated to achieving success on behalf of their clients by surpassing their expectations. Blackmere Partners has been working in the Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, and Financial Services areas for many years.

Lee Weiss from Massachusetts earned a CFP certification and CIMA certification. He has worked as an adjunct professor at NYU Stern where he taught Investing and Financial Planning as part of the certified financial planner certification. He is a dedicated professional who has always loved to learn new things. It is all due to his keen-to-learn attitude that helped him become a successful business development professional.

Lee Weiss from Massachusetts has great interest in photography. Whenever he gets free time out of his busy work schedule, he takes pictures of what he likes. He also loves traveling because exploring new places and cultures gives him great satisfaction. During his travels, he likes capturing moments in the form of photographs, which according to him, is the best way to keep the memories for the future.

Lee Weiss of Massachusetts is Experienced in Business Development

Lee Weiss is a Boston-based professional who has experience in building business strategies for financial, healthcare, transportation, and energy industries. He has worked with a number of businesses, and comprehensively understands that effective organic strategies and business plans play a significant role in the success of a business. He has worked for many top companies and has served in many different positions. He is currently working at Blackmere Partners.

Building a business is not an easy task. There are a wide range of elements that business owners need to keep in mind, and the most important is business strategy. Everyone knows that the business world has a great deal of competition, and to maintain long-term relationships with your customers, you need to develop business strategies that are effective in driving sales, developing joint ventures, and expanding your business regions. For that, you need to think out-of-the-box, and consider what you can do to optimally serve the customers to stay in front of the competition.

Lee Weiss of Massachusetts is working as a Senior Consultant at Blackmere Partners Inc., a reputed company that helps businesses execute their objectives and goals. The company has a team of entrepreneurs and senior executives who are well-versed in business development, financial planning, and asset management areas. They have comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to grow a business successfully while understanding the risks associated with it. The experts at Blackmere have a long history of success and several important failures in their industries, as well.

Lee Weiss has also owned hedge and private equity funds, registered investment advisors and broker dealers, an investment bank, and an investment business in Cayman and the Bahamas.