Lee Weiss of Massachusetts is a Highly-Experienced Business Development Professional

Lee Weiss has a great deal of experience as a business development professional. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and then executive educational courses at Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, MA. Since the year he completed his studies, he has worked for various reputed corporations, and has earned comprehensive experience in different areas of business development. Currently, he works for Blackmere Partners and serves as a Senior Consultant. At this company, he leads an effort to invest and manage a group of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers.

Blackmere Partners has a team of highly-skilled entrepreneurs and business development professionals, and Lee Weiss is a part of it. The team is dedicated to achieving success on behalf of their clients by surpassing their expectations. Blackmere Partners has been working in the Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, and Financial Services areas for many years.

Lee Weiss from Massachusetts earned a CFP certification and CIMA certification. He has worked as an adjunct professor at NYU Stern where he taught Investing and Financial Planning as part of the certified financial planner certification. He is a dedicated professional who has always loved to learn new things. It is all due to his keen-to-learn attitude that helped him become a successful business development professional.

Lee Weiss from Massachusetts has great interest in photography. Whenever he gets free time out of his busy work schedule, he takes pictures of what he likes. He also loves traveling because exploring new places and cultures gives him great satisfaction. During his travels, he likes capturing moments in the form of photographs, which according to him, is the best way to keep the memories for the future.


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